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2023 law schools in South Africa

List of law schools in South Africa 2023

What type of Lawyers is in demand?

Corporate attorneys are in great demand in South Africa due to the country’s brisk commercial activity. Criminal attorneys and labor lawyers are likewise in great demand.

How much do lawyers earn in SA?

Lawyers are paid based on their experience, according to Business Tech. A junior candidate lawyer’s annual salary is between R250 000 and R350 000. Associate attorneys can make up to R700,000 per year, while Senior Associates can earn up to R200 000. A senior partner and a legal secretary might make up to R5 million on the top end.

Is law school Difficult?

The question of how difficult law school is is subjective, depending on an individual’s aptitude and how well-suited one is to it. It is, nonetheless, an intriguing task that necessitates exertion in order to handle a big workload, frequently under duress.

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