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Akademia Academic Calendar 2023/2024| How to Check Online

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Akademia have release their Academic Calendar for the year 2023-2024|pdf download

Before you check about academic calendar of Akademia Academic Calendar let consider what Academic calendar mean in any Institution

Meaning of Academic Calendar

ACADEMIC CALENDER: Is a schedule of all of the events that occur in an academic year of an Institution. These event may include examination date, spring break of reading week and the last day of the semester. Academic calendar can be at the semester level or as part of an academic long term calendar year. Some students always found so complicated to known the different between academic year and a calendar year.

Difference between an academic year and a calendar year

A calendar year ranges from 1 January through to 31 December. while Academic year is comprised of two teaching periods, January to June and July to December. Each teaching period includes the main 13- week Study period i.e SP and 10 -week trimester as well as block or intensive study period.

How to Check Akademia Academic Calendar 2022/2023

Is quite simple. Please go to Akademia official website or visit south Africa nursing official website…https://akademia.ac.za or Check the Student Portal (Akademia Academic Calendar student portal)
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