Backend Go Engineer – Pioneering The Next E-commerce Generation With Saas & Marketplace Solutions

Backend Go Engineer – Pioneering The Next E-commerce Generation With Saas & Marketplace Solutions (remote For California Company) at CYZA!

Job description
Hiring Go developers to join our experienced team of engineers developing the next generation of e-commerce! This a career opportunity and the ideal candidates could potentially be part of the founding team with salary and stock options. Although we are based in California, USA, this is a remote position working from home/office & during your own timezone.ABOUT CYZA
Cyza aims to revolutionize the local service commerce as the largest addressable market! This market is mostly off-line, yet represents the majority of transaction volumes in most countries. Through very innovative technologies, superb UX, and great applications, we have solved many of the challenges and inefficiencies facing the local service industry by providing a comprehensive saas and a marketplace solution! Cyza’s mobile and web platform aims to revolutionize the way people book and purchase any service and on-demand!

Our API and frontend engine is in Go. We do not commit to any frameworks and only use advanced and simple libraries as needed which gives us the flexibility to use various technologies as needed. Maintaining a great architecture, simplicity, and employing best coding practices is a top priority, therefore, you must be a long-term thinker when coding –please see skills and requirements.

(1) Experienced in Go or have a solid experience in another object oriented programming language
(2) Strong knowledge and experience in JavaScript (vanilla js)
(3) Love to code and be a team player in a fast-paced development environment
(4) Be able to work and learn independently and be a problem solver
(5) Be able to work with existing code and architecture and maybe have some experience of working in larger projects.
(6) Employ skilled, efficient, and optimized coding practices and be a long-term thinker

Instructions how to apply
Please simply email a basic resume that describes your current and past jobs including any major freelance work, education or training to: JOBS@CYZA.COM

If not mentioned in your resume, tell us where are you from (city and country of residence).

Please mention that you found the job at
Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
go saas javascript
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