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How to Check Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Matric Results Check

We zasainfo.com are much delighted to informed you about Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University matric results for 2023 online.

Matric is pretty much the most important year of your high school career. The zasainfo provides resources dedicated to making your matric year easier. We want to make sure that all students have an easy and convenient way to gain access to the resources they need in order to succeed during their exams.

You’ll be able to find everything you need from matric rewrite, matric results, study guides, matric past papers, to tips, advice and more.

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University , located on the southwest coast of Africa, is a well-known tourist destination due to its expansive beaches, magnificent scenery, and great diversity of cultures, historical sites, top-notch restaurants, and entertainment.

Among the most visited tourist destinations in the province are Table Mountain(link is external), the Cape Winelands(link is external), Robben Island(link is external), and the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens(link is external). When will the grade 12 results for the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University be issued in 2023?, when can I check my results online?, how can I check my matric results online in 2023?, where can I check my results online in 2023?, www.education.gov.za grade 12, when will the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University department of education login?, How to find your matric results online using your exam

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Matric Results Check here 2023 | Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Results Check here 2023

n this day and age, it is easy enough to find anything online and this goes for your matric results too. The first place to start could be the Department of Education’s website. If you want to access your results here as soon as they are released, all you have to do it log on with:

  • Your Exam Number
  • Your Idea Number
  • Personal Details (Your name, surname, etc)

If you went to a private school that fell under the IEB, you can follow the same above steps on their website when you get notified that your results have been released.

Do remember that sometimes the IEB results will be released a few days before the public school results.

News24 has a page specially dedicated to the matric results. This news site is highly-reputable and will have your results as soon as they are released. Click here to visit their matric results site.

Another online platform that you can use to find your results is Matric College. Their reliable news page will have all the matric results as soon as they are released. Have a look at their news page here, where you can also keep up to date with all educational news.

What Are Matric Courses?

Matric Courses are courses that give students the opportunity to complete their Matric. This can range from your Traditional Matric to Adult Matric to Matric Equivalent courses.

In these courses, students learn how to become successful in the workplace. In addition to gaining entry into tertiary institutions, students can obtain a promotion at work or can apply for entry-level employment. Let us review each course we will discuss:

Adult Matric Course:

The Adult Matric Course is for students who have not completed their Matric. This could be someone who has a Grade 9, 10 or 11 Certificate. Students are generally 21 and older when they complete the course. This course can take anywhere from 1 – 3 years to complete.

Matric Upgrade Course:

The Matric Upgrade Course is for students who have already completed their Matric but have failed Matric, have an incomplete Matric Certificate, or want to improve their Matric marks. This course is also for students who are 21 and older. It can take between 3 to 12 months to complete.

Matric Rewrite:

The Matric Rewrite can be both the supplementary exams or our Matric Upgrade course. The term “Matric Rewrite” is used in both cases because essentially, you are “rewriting your Matric”.

Let us look at the Matric Rewrite from a high school standpoint. You can apply for the Matric Rewrite immediately after you have received your Matric Results. You have to provide your Matric Results and be younger than 21 to apply, this course generally takes between 1-5 months to complete. The course for High School students are commonly referred to as:

Matric Equivalent Courses:

These courses are registered at the same NQF Level as a Matric Certificate, which is an NQF Level 4. Although they are on the same NQF Level, they are different because Matric Equivalent Certificates are industry-specific courses, which means you can start working in your field of study immediately after completing a Matric Equivalent Course.

Check Matric Results Online 2023/2024

Here is everything you need to know about finding your matric results in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University .

  • The Department of Education
  • Online
  • Your Cellphone
  • Newspapers

The Department of Education

The last point of call would be through the Department of Education. If you have any trouble accessing your results or you are confused by the processes below, contact the Department of Education in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University .

How to get my matric results via SMS Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

This might be the easiest way to find your matric results since we are always on our cell phones. You have two options for access matric results on your mobile device:

  • SMS
  • USSD

With this option, you will provide a few details and will get your matric results fairly quickly. All you have to do is:

  • Send an SMS to 35658.
  • You will be required to enter your ID number and your examination number.

Another quick-access option is through USSD. To use this method:

  • Dial this number on your phone *120*35658#
  • You will be required to answer some multiple-choice questions.
  • Enter your ID and examination number.
  • You will then receive your matric results instantly.

How to get my Matric results Via Newspapers

The original way to find your matric results was in the newspaper. This is still a very reliable way to find your results.

At the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University , newspapers like the Polokwane Observer, Bulletin, Die Post, and Sowetan are popular newspapers that might cover the release of the matric results.

These results will be printed as soon as they come out, so you will not be behind in finding your results if you use the newspaper.

How to get Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Matric results Via online

To check and download your matric results in 2023 online, follow the step-by-step guide provided below.

  • Visit the official websites of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Department of Education – https://www.education.gov.za/
  • Click on the Matric Result announcement available on the homepage of the website
  • It will redirect to results checking page
  • Enter your Matric Examination Number and click on the Search button
  • Your Matric Result 2022 will be displayed on the screen
  • Download and take a printout of your result for further reference
Check matric results 2022 online Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Via IEB Website

The IEB is an independent assessment body offering a range of certified assessments, benchmarked assessments, and training, accredited by Umalusi for school and adult assessments, the QCTO for the Foundational Learning Competence, and the ETDP SETA for training courses in assessment practices. To check matric results via the IEB Website please follow the read below.

  1. Go to the IEB Matric Results 2022 Portal via http://www.ieb-online.co.za/asp/login.aspx
  2. Enter your Exam Number & Date of Birth in the required field
  3. Click on the ‘Submit ‘button to access your Matric 2022/2023 Results

Bear in mind that website traffic will be high on the release date, so you may experience delayed response times.

Check matric results 2022 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University at High School

Students or candidates can check their Matric 2022 Results at their High School (matric results Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University ). Subsequently, the initial results are released, and the matric results will be sent to your high school. Note: This is not the official matric certificate, it’s just your results for each subject. You will be able to obtain your official matric certificate once it has been printed in full. If you are eager to get exact dates you should contact your school to find out further information.


  • There are learners who have opted NOT to have their results published in the media.
  • Candidate results may be omitted due to technical reasons. Please contact your school or provincial education department if your name does not appear.
  • These results are preliminary results and therefore, in the case of omissions, candidates must contact the school.
  • Bursaries are available from NSFAS for any course of study. Contact NSFAS at 08600 NSFAS (0860067327), e-mail info@nsfas.org.za or visit www.nsfas.org.za.
  • Although every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the results, note that candidates’ results may have been omitted or inaccurately printed due to technical reasons.


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