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How to Check SANC Annual Fees and Annual Practicing Certificates 2023-2024

How to Check SANC Annual Fees and Annual Practicing Certificates 2023-2024


The information below is about SANC Annual Fees and Annual Practising Certificates 2023-2024

The Annual Practising Certificate (APC) is a document (issued on payment of an annual fee) to nursing and midwifery practitioners and it entitles the person to whom it has been issued to practise in the capacities shown and for the period stated: provided that the person is not subsequently removed from the register of practitioners.

Every registration certificate issued by the Council is proof that the person to whom it is issued is registered in the capacity indicated on the certificate for a period of 12 months from the date on the certificate. Thereafter, the practitioner must pay an annual fee and be issued an Annual Practisiing Certificate in order to continue to practise in that capacity. The APC then serves as proof of registration for all qualifications appearing thereon.

This is a provision of Section 36(2) of the Nursing Act, 2005 which reads as follows:

“(2) A certificate of registration is proof of registration for a period of one year after its date and thereafter an annual practising certificate, issued upon payment of the prescribed annual fee and the submission of such information as may be required by the Council to keep accurate statistics on human resources in nursing, is proof of registration in the absence of any credible evidence to the contrary.”hen Must the Annual Fee be Paid?

Employers (particularly the HR departments) should take careful note of the preceeding paragraph and its implications. There is some confusion in the field about this point, so it is necessary to emphasise the fact that during the valid period of the registration certificate (12 months), it is quite incorrect for employers to insist on the nurse paying the annual fee and getting an APC that reflects the new registered capacity. Even worse, it is not correct for an employer to insist that an employee “update” an APC which has already been issued to the employer. If this “updating issue” is a bit confusing, lets demonstrate by means of an example:

An employee is registered as General Nurse and paid the annual fee for 2012 in December 2011 in order to remain on the register as such. Her APC correctly shows her to be a General Nurse. In May 2012, she completes the one year Midwifery Programme and is registered as Midwife. Some time later she will receive her registration certificate showing that she is now registered as Midwife (from 31 May 2012). Her APC is proof that she is registered as General Nurse for 2012. Her registration certificate is proof that she is registered as Midwife for the period 31 May 2012 to 31 May 2013. Obviously, when she pays the annual fee for 2013 (must be paid by 31 December 2012), both qualifications will be reflected on the new APC so she will be covered for the calendar year 2013.

Even if an employer were to insist that Council re-issue the APC, it would make no difference because, on the date on which the APC was issued (December 2011) this person was only registered as General Nurse – so that is all that will be reflected on a replacement APC.

SANC due date for payment of annual fees

The due date for payment of annual fees is normally 31 December of the year preceding the year for which the fees are due.

Early birds can pay the fee from 1 July of the year preceding the year for which it is due – no earlier.

Please be advised that these dates may change in future. This page will be updated as soon as possible if and when it ever happens.

Note 1: It is the responsibility of every registered or enrolled person to make sure that his/her annual fee reaches Council by the due date.

Note 2: If your remittance is sent by post, please allow sufficient time for it to reach Council by the due date.

SANC Annual Fees 2023-2024 – How to Process Payment

to pay SANC Annual Fees 2023, simply visit the SANC official website: www.sanc.co.za

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