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Intimacy and modern masculinity – Expert on what to expect from dating in 2023

  • With the year coming to an end, people are starting to talk about their new year’s resolutions.
  • With that, some will focus on getting back into dating, but there will be new trends for 2023.
  • Bumble relationship expert, Shan Boodram, shares the trends people should look out for next year.

Dating is always evolving and changing as the years go by, and as 2022 comes to an end, the conversation about what dating will be like in 2023 is coming up.

Bumble relationship expert Shan Boodram joined LION Lunch Hour to share what people can expect from dating next year. The trends include a new feature on the popular dating site, Bumble that is called ‘Compliments.’

“What is exciting about dating in the next year is openness in general, but kindness is the biggest trend that you will see – being the change that you want to see. Opening up the experience with a compliment will open up people’s hearts and minds to the possibilities, which is a great dating technique,” Shan says.

Shan adds that another trend expected in 2023 is ‘Love life balance.’ “People are no longer looking for someone with a flashy job title that keeps them at their desk all day long. They want to see what the world has to offer, they want ‘me time’, they want self-care, and they want a partner who prioritizes that too. They want partners who are willing to reedify the rules.”

People are also rejecting masculinity as we know it. “People are adopting modern masculinity, which about a quarter of Bumble’s response on a survey saw people saying they have reevaluated their ideas surrounding masculinity and they’re redefying gender roles as a result. So, you need to explore, invent and be authentic.”

One of the anchors asked Shan when people should start taking things seriously; she responded by saying, “Healthy intimacy is about taking one step at a time and then at that step evaluate, ‘How do we feel here? Do we see things moving forward, or should we scale things back? Create markers on how the relationship can progress even with online dating, and move from texting to video calls. If that goes well, set a date. Then evaluate your time together.”

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