Lost In Love On Starlife episode -Monday 26th September 2022 Update

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Lost In Love On Starlife, Monday 26th September 2022 Update

We start the episode with Virat telling Sai that she can stay at Devi and Pulkit’s house and visit Chavan Nivas whenever she wants to. Sai asks if she is a shuttle cock, she doesn’t have her own place at all. He says he didn’t mean that and offers her water, but it falls on her bed. She says she will clean it herself. He says when she was in hospital last time, he promised to take care of her and took her home, but this time he will not force her to return home. She asks when he knows that is not her house, then why did he ask her. He says she knows Devi loves her a lot and shattered after her accident, Pulkit handled her somehow;

Devi noticed one thing about them which no one did. Sai asks what did Devi tai notice. He says she noticed that whenever they fight and try to go away from each other, either of them get severely injured and their life is at risk; he reminds her of an earlier incident when she got Devi and Pulkit married and he asked her to leave house. She says he had kicked her out of house, he had gone to mission and was shot. He reminds her of Ajinkya’s incident where he misbehaved with her and she left home and met with an accident and the present incident. She asks if Devi noticed all this. He says everyone were shocked hearing Devi’s view.

She asks if Bhavani kaku prayed for her for the same reason. He says yes, everyone thought Devi is mentally unstable, but she thought wisely. She says Devi’s behavior is of a kid, but she can see what others can’t. He asks if she also believes Devi tai; if yes, then she should return home with him, and if no, then she can decide to shift to Gadchiroli and he will drop her there.

At Chavan Nivas, Ninad asks Omkar why he is having so much bitterness for Sai, he should forget the past and move on. Bhavani backs him and says they should forget their anger towards Sai and should think its important for Sai’s stay at home for Virat’s sake. Sonali says this is the last thing they had to listen, if Sai listens to scholar Devi’s words, she will fly high and will demean them. Samrat asks why she has so much bitterness for Sai. Pulkit calls him and informs that Sai is getting discharged tomorrow.

Samrat thanks him and informs family that by god’s grace, Sai is getting discharged from hospital tomorrow. Shivani, Bhavani, Mansi, and Ninad rejoice hearing that and thank god while Pakhi, Omkar, Sonali, and Karishma frown. Pakhi says Sai will be discharged by god’s grace, but does she want to to return here.

Ashwini visits Sai and says she is feeling very happy hearing aayi from her mouth and asks if she had food. Sai asks how can she skip aayi’s prepared food. Ashwini says it was her khadoos jasoos/boring spy Virat. Sai asks if she remembers. Ashwini nods yes and says since she had left home after praying Bappa, Bappa cured her in 10 days and she will return home on 11th day. Sai apologizes her for leaving home without informing her. Ashwini says she will not let her go even this time and gets emotional remembering how she felt when Sai left home, says she prepared modak for her and Virat.

Sai says she takes care of her so much, but she wants to return to Gadchiroli and start a new life. Ashwini asks if Virat didn’t inform her what Devi said, their lives are connected to each other. Sai says Devi’s justification is right, but when the accident already happened, nothing will happen to her again and she will return to Gadchiroli. Ashwini asks what if something happens to Virat in her absence. Virat enters and offers Bappa’s prasad to Ashwini and Sai. Ashwini says Sai took a decision to return to Chavan Nivas, remembers Dr. Anjali’s advice and seeks Bappa’s help to clear Sai and Virat’s differences.

Next day, Sai gets ready after discharge and stands up, but stumbles. Virat enters and helps her sit and says if she is nervous, whatever will happen will be good, today is Anant Chaturdashi and she should start a new life with new thinking and new hopes. Dr. Karmarkar enters and asks Sai how is she. She says she is fine. He says she is going home finally and asks Virat to take care of his wife well and bring her for regular checkup. Sai says he need not worry as he will not leave her until she gets well. Once Karmarkar leaves, Sai thinks once she gets well, Virat’s rude behavior will start again. He thinks how will be her behavior once she gets well.

Chavan family ladies make Anant Chaturdashi pooja arrangements at home. Shivani asks Samrat when will Sai and Virat come, she is eager to see them back at home. Samrat says they are on the way. Bhavani asks ladies to finish work soon as Sai may come any time. Omkar in his usual rude tone asks if she made arrangements for pooja or to welcome Sai. Bhavani says both. Sonali comments Sai left home without informing them and instead of getting angry on her,

they are welcoming her. Bhavani says making maha bhoj/feast arrangements is an honor. Omkar rudely yells again. Samrat says today is visarjan day and they should keep their differences aside and perform Bappa’s pooja and welcome Sai. Karishma comments next. Bhavani ignores her and tells Nandini they should go and welcome Sai. Sonali tells Karishma they shouldn’t let Sai rule over them again. Mohit enter playing drum. Family gets happy seeing. He meets everyone. Samrat asks how was his theater tour. He says it was good and asks how is Sai bhabhi. Karishma yells her husband came home from theater tour after a long time and is worried about Sai instead of her. Sonali asks her to go and prepare tea and snacks for her husband.

Sai while returning home with Virat remembers her luggage and about it. Virat asks her not worry as Samrat and Shivani already took her luggage home. She remembers leaving home on the same route. He says she must be thinking that she left home with luggage via same route and now returning home on the same route. Sai says don’t know what god’s wish is that she left home and is returning back. Virat says they think something and god something has something else in store for them. She reminds him about his confrontation in Mahabaleshwar. He smiles and says she got a pHD in thinking. She sees mob carrying Ganapati idol and a kid whom she saved dancing with his mother, gets out of car and walks towards them. Virat thinks where did she go.

Chavan family eagerly waits for Sai and thinks where they must have stuck. Omkar yells nothing can be right in Sai’s presence. Sonali backs him. Mohit says there must be visrajan traffic on roads. Omkar yells why did Sai take discharge today and why is family paying so much attention to Sai. Ninad asks him to stop spilling venom. Omkar continues. Bhavani says they should keep Satyanarayan pooja again after Sai’s return. Ninad backs her. Sonali says they kept pooja as Samrat and Pakhi and it would be waste of money if they keep pooja again. Samrat calls Virat. Virat keeping his phone in car searches Sai. Sai walks towards boy and gets disturbed by drum sound. Virat notices her. Boy’s mother notices him and takes him away. Sai walks near pit and feels drowsy.

Virat asks mob to stop music and rushes towards her. Sai remembers her accident and is about to fall in pit again when Virat pulls her aside on time and asks why did she get out of car in this condition. She says she wanted to check if that boy is fine. He says she will never change. Boy’s parents thank Sai for saving their son and tells Virat that he is lucky to have such a caring wife. Virat feels happy and thanking mob for their patience asks them to play music again. He throws kumkum in air and it falls on Sai’s forehead. Boy’s mother says Bappa gave her blessings to be happy always. Sai looks at Virat’s face and stumbles. He lifts her and walks towards car looking at her face. Serial’s title track plays in the background.


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