New on TV today Saturday 17 September

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New on TV today Saturday 17 September

A short film anthology drama series produced in partnership with the Heartlines Foundation which aims to serve as a catalyst to inspire and encourage men – and society at large – to be part of a movement of fathers who are positively involved in the lives of children.

Through storytelling, the films explore the complexities around being a father – and being fathered.

The short films star local actors such as Aubrey Mmakola, Mpule Matlhola, Ebenhaezer Dibakwane, Lebohang Mthunzi, Pascaline Phale, Jacques Blignaut, Tracey-Lee Oliver, Thuli Nduvane, Unati Guma, Tshepo Maseko, Bradley Olivier and Lorcia Cooper-Kumalo.

The Films

Film 1: Family Portrait

Written by: Salah Sabiti
Director: Twiggy Matiwana

Ayize (Ebenhaezer Dibakwane) is a struggling artist who becomes a new father when his girlfriend Nomvula (Lebohang Mthunzi) has a baby.

He is devoted to both her and their baby girl, Zenzile.

However, he must prove to his rather terrifying and tough mother-in-law Cecelia (Pascaline Phale) that he is good enough to be a good dad, even though he can’t provide financially.

Film 2: In Time

Written by: Zolisa Sigwanda
Director: Rea Rangaka

Lerumo (Aubrey Mmakola) is a gold miner who works on a mine far away from his wife Amanda and daughter Bokamoso (Mpule Matlhola).

But he is a loving father who spares nothing to show up for his child.

When his daughter is offered an opportunity to race in front of top university recruiters for an athletics scholarship, he is determined to do anything he can to be on the sidelines cheering her on.

But many obstacles threaten to throw him off track.

Can he make it in time?

Film 3: Everything a Boy Could Want

Written by: Michéle Rowe
Director: Zane Meas

Martin (Jacques Blignaut) is a rich businessman who financially provides everything his family needs.

But he is emotionally cruel, impossible to please and hardly ever there for his son, Lester (Jordan Brown).

Lester has everything money can buy, except what he longs for the most – the love and approval of his father.

When Martin insists that his son go to boarding school so he can follow in his father’s rugby footsteps, they are forced to take a bumpy road trip together that threatens to break them apart forever.

Film 4: Melodi

Written by: Nonzi Bogatsu
Director: Zamo Mkhwanazi

Melodi (Thuli Nduvane) is a successful banker who was raised by a loving single mother, Sesi (Unati Guma).

She is about to be married to Liyanda (Lulama Nyembezi).

Wedding plans are underway and lobola negotiations are about to start.

But all this brings back old wounds and deep feelings of abandonment.

Why did her father, Mojalefa (Tshepo Maseko), abandon her as a baby?

Melodi decides to deal with the pain of her past by searching for a father she never knew, before making a commitment of her own.

Film 5: Airwalker

Written by: Tim Greene
Director: Tim Greene

Zoë (Amelie Pienaar) is a gifted young skateboarder whose talent earns her a spot in a promo for her favourite skate park.

But her parents, Bridget (Jana Kruger) and Mike (Paul du Toit) are separated, and their continual fighting affects her deeply.

Zoë finds herself a continual pawn in their conflict.

Caught between their lies and constant arguments, a frustrated Zoë lands up in a life-threatening situation.

But is this enough to give her parents a reality check?

Film 6: Manskap

Written by: Zaba LeRoto Hlatshwayo
Director: Eric Mogale

Kyle (Melick Gould) is a troubled but promising young man, unemployed, fatherless, and raised by a single mother Sandra (Lorcia Cooper-Kumalo).

With nothing much to keep him motivated besides his love for cars, Kyle finds himself in the clutches of a powerful local gang leader, Rooi (Jerome du Plooy).

When another father figure steps in to offer him a new sense of direction, Kyle must make a choice.

Can Bra Warren (Bradley Olivier) help Kyle find a different path in his life?

Does Kyle want it badly enough?


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