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New technique Methods Needed To Improve Maths Performance

Among the many challenges faced in South Africa’s education system, is the decrease in the uptake and pass rate of learners who choose to do Mathematics as a subject in school.

According to a recent report, South Africa is not making much headway when it comes to Maths and science.

The 2016 Global Competitiveness Report revealed that South Africa ranked last among 140 countries for Mathematics.

Maths and science have always been seen as gateway subjects for entrance into higher education that will ultimately expand career possibilities for students. It also gives students a greater advantage at entering labour markets as jobs in maths are in higher demand.

However, research shows that the uptake and pass rate of mathematics have been on the decline over the last few years.

There has also been a growing concern about the decline in the number of learners studying maths at university level in the country.

Many learners drop mathematics as a subject because they either find the subject too difficult or they’re frustrated by a lack of adequate support.

Education experts have expressed that in order to improve the uptake of the subject, the country must develop new teacher training methods and nurture a supportive environment for both teachers and learners.

Mathematician and Professor, at the University of the Free State, Abdon Atangana, says a high level of discipline is required to improve academic performance in Mathematics.

Atangana who is a multi-award-winning academic believes that teaching methods in maths need to be revised in order for the country to see any improvements.

He states that the need to create a platform where Africans can publish their mathematical research is crucial.

“I told myself that one day I would like to see a name of an African person attached to a mathematical formula and that was my vision and that was my focus,” says Atangana

He adds that maths should not just be viewed as subject but also as a tool that can be used to understand nature.

Many have urged the education department to address the underlying causes behind the decline in learners taking maths as a subject as well as the poor performance results.

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