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Sassa Resolved System Glitch Affecting Grant Payments-Check Here!

Social grant beneficiaries have been unable to receive their grant payments for November due to a recent glitch. The agency in charge of making grant payments has given beneficiaries an update on the issue.

Beneficiaries of the the South African Social Security Agency’s (Sassa) social grants will be pleased to know that the agency has resolved the glitch that affected their payment systems, particularly as it relates to the use of the Sassa card issued by post bank.

This negatively impacted social grant recipients who use their Sassa card to withdraw their grant payments due to a glitch that occurred last week. The agency has since reached out online to impacted beneficiaries and asked them to contact the Postbank for assistance. The agency has also advised this cohort of grant recipients to also have their identity document (I.D) and a valid phone number in hand when they contact the Post Bank.

SASSA clients who have not received their grants are urged to call the Postbank toll-free number (0800 535 455) for assistance. Please have your ID number with you when calling.

Abraham Mahlangu, the acting CEO of Sassa at the time of the issue, said that the agency would keep diversifying its grant payment channels in order to reduce reliance on any one particular access point, while continuing to provide the right social grant to eligible individuals at the right time and place.

Additionally, Sassa grant beneficiaries have the choice of withdrawing their grant funds from merchants and ATMs.

This is due to the fact that, at the time of the payment system malfunction, grant payment withdrawals could only be done at any authorised retail locations nationwide that provide the cashback feature, such as Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Pick & Pay, and Boxer.

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