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Sure ways to Reduce Facebook ads cost

What is one of the most tiresome experiences you could encounter while running Facebook ads ?
Yeah! you guessed right
Increase in Facebook ads cost
After tireless studies from several Facebook ads strategists
These are sure ways to reduce Facebook ads cost
1. Firstly do some surface checks:
• Make sure your ads are approved
• Make sure you haven’t paused the ads
• Be sure to check that Facebook hasn’t turned off your ads due to low impressions
If you are sure that Facebook hasn’t turned off your ads…
And everything looks good
This takes us to the next step which is…
2. Check your impressions:
You want to make sure that your ads are getting the average impressions as specified by Facebook
But if you have enough impressions but low conversions you need to turn off underperforming ads or ad sets
But be sure your ads ran for 7 days at most
3. Check your clicks:
If you are generating clicks on your ads that is wonderful
It means your ads copy is good and what’s better is that Facebook will reward you with a lower cost per click
But if your cost per click is low and your cost per conversion is high then…
You need to work on your conversions
One major reason why your cost per conversion is high is because your CTR is low
On average
• A high click through rate is anything above 1% and
• A low click through rate is anything below 1%
Meaning that your CTR has to be…
At 1% and above for your cost per conversion to be low
But if your cost per conversion is high and cost per click is low and CTR is good then this takes us to the next step which is…
3. Check your landing page:
• Create different variations of your landing page and test different elements
• Don’t do small things like changing your fonts and color of your tab although that might help
Focus on more important things that could impact conversion like…
Headline and overall message
~ Hire a professional copywriter to create other variations for the headline and text on your landing page
~ Make sure the layout of your landing page is not old fashioned
~ Make sure every button, CTA and fields for filling info are working.
~ Your ads may be taking too long to load
On average
A landing page that requires people to put in their information like their email address should be able to convert about 10-20% of people
Anything below 10% that doesn’t require customer info is a bad conversion rate
4. Check your ads:
Make sure your ads match your landing page
Some times your ads look different from your landing page when you use different
• People
• Colors
• Message etc
You want to make sure the ads look like the landing page or people will leave
5. Check your targeting:
You can try creating different ads and segmenting your audience
Then run a split test for both to know which performs better
Or create a custom audience based off your email list and retarget them
Targeting the right people takes you a step further
6. Check your offer:
Your offer just might not be interesting or enticing enough
Or maybe it’s too expensive for your target audience
You should be able to create irresistible offers around audiences that are willing to pay for your product
So you see all these steps are intertwined together to give you the best experience.
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